Details and Application

Dear potential retreatant,

The following information may be useful towards your decision about doing a retreat at our place:

  1. The Place: This retreat space is an apartment above the shrine room of the Shambhala Center. It is located in a quiet neighborhood. In the summer you hear cars and lawnmowers. It offers the comfort of a full bathroom with running hot and cold water, a kitchen, shrine room and separate bedroom. We provide all linens and towels unless otherwise negotiated. There is central heating and AC. You can walk out of town in a few minutes.
  2. The center is open for public sitting on Sunday mornings, and we have various group practices once a month downstairs. This will generate some ‘noise’. Windows and fans can help with this pretty well.
  3. We are a Buddhist meditation retreat space. Our priority is to serve our practitioners from the Shambhala sangha; practitioners from other Buddhist lineages are welcome. Practitioners of other religious traditions are welcome as well but we ask that they send us a proposal as to what they are planning to do and whether they have a meditation instructor or advisor.
  4. We can also accommodate very small sangha groups; additional beds can be set up in the shrine room upstairs and downstairs; there are two bathrooms in the building and other possible space across in the other building depending upon the degree of comfort you would want.
  5. Communication: Cell phone coverage works about 70% of the time depending on your service. The place has recently been outfitted with wi-fi though we discourage you from using it regularly – but that is your decision. We realize that times have changed….
  6. Parking: Please park against the stone wall at the very end. You need to leave your car key with us downstairs in the temple so we can move your car if need be; this is crucial in the winter .
  7. Food: We do not provide food service of any kind. There is a health food/deli store just 5 minutes down the street and a regular supermarket. The fridge is set to low setting, you need to set it colder once you arrive.
  8. Practice: We have basic shrine paraphernalia for you and meditation cushions and puja    table.  Beyond that you need to bring your specific practice materials.
  1. Please let us know whether you want a meditation instructor to check in with you. We have certified practitioners to meet with you.
  2. If you are doing a sealed-in retreat, we will check for written notices from you twice a week.
  3. To apply to do a retreat with us, please fill out the retreat application here.
  4. Money/Payment: If you want to reserve more than a week of time we will ask for a 50% down payment.
  5. Fire Safety: Please make sure you read the instructions in the manual in the apartment upon arrival.
  6. Please make checks out to Shelburne Falls Shambhala. Our address is 71B Ashfield Street, Sh. Fls 01370. Our rental fee has gone up to s $35/day or night for Shambhala members and $40 for others. We have a two night minimum policy.


Yours in the dharma,

The Management Team:

Gisela and Tony Walker, Co-Directors;

and Meredith Bernhardt, maintenance.

Shelburne Falls Shambhala Center

July 1, 2016

We assume you are familiar with doing a personal retreat and can handle isolation. We offer a sacred space that has been seasoned by years of spiritual practice. We are not a cheap motel to meet friends and go on adventures. If you need help finding a space to do this, please try the websites for Shelburne Falls; you certainly will find listings for motels and B&Bs that meet your needs.