Becoming a member of a Shambhala Meditation Center is a statement about your personal inspiration, curiosity, and commitment to the path of awakening. It means participating in a community of practitioners who aspire to relate to each other with honesty, warmth, and openness. We inspire one another to deepen our practice of mindfulness, awareness, and compassion. We also provide each other an opportunity to practice compassion and patience.

We invite anyone interested in our Shambhala Centre to consider becoming a member. Becoming a member of our Centre simultaneously brings membership in Shambhala, a global community committed to cultivating mindfulness, awareness and compassion―personally and in society.

Membership is a way to express appreciation for what Shambhala provides and help make it available to others. This involves four areas of engagement and support:

The Practice of Community and Society

Shambhala is a community that practices the teachings of basic goodness, exploring and developing a culture within our communities that embodies this profound principle. As members, we actively contemplate and build a kind society together.

Practicing meditation

Making a connection to mindfulness-awareness meditation or related contemplative practice and integrating this practice into daily life is considered one of the best way for members to support Shambhala and benefit the world and ourselves.


All of the work of our Centre and much of the work of the Shambhala global community is done by volunteers. Giving our time and talents to the work of the community is a vital form of support and viewed as part of members’ practice.

Providing financial support

We rely on donations to help cover our basic operating expenses and view financial giving as part of our practice as well. Members are encouraged to give in a way that inspires and feels comfortable to them.

If you are interested in membership, please contact [email protected] and we will be in touch with you.